Enhanced Finish

Qwood composite timber door beads and bolection moulds enhance the appearance and improve the long term performance of timber or composite doors. The beads can be used to secure glazing in place and the bolection moulds provide an attractive finish to centre panels. Qwood composite beads, bars and moulds are replacing traditional timber components since they provide an improved trim solution that reduces fabrication time, off-cut waste and ongoing maintenance requirements. It’s all good news!

Enhanced Production

Qwood offers the joinery industry a product that improves the flow of product through the joinery process. Consistently straight Qwood can be handled with traditional joinery tools, its unique properties improve the production process and it has no knots or imperfections. Qwood can be:
» Cut, mitred, lap jointed just like timber
» Nailed and pinned just like timber
» Glued and taped just like timber
» Painted just like timber

Qwood has all these positive features of timber, but none of the draw backs such as bent and knotted profiles. This ensures that where waste can occur (in storage, sorting, fabrication time and product off-cuts) with Qwood it is always kept to an absolute minimum.

Fit Qwood beads into your timber door! Order a Qwood ‘TRY-ME’ Pack today and trial it for yourself by emailing or calling +44161 627 4222. Qwood will be exhibiting at W16 being held in Birmingham, in October. Qwood will be on stand N510 - if you’re visiting be sure to stop by!

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