We are delighted to announce our attendance at the W18 Joinery and Furniture Manufacturing Show 2018 in Birmingham at stand K505 from the 30th September to 3rd October 2018.

We will be promoting our TensorGrip joinery range of adhesives with live demonstrations and our sales representatives will be there to answer all your adhesive questions. We will also be promoting our endorsed products which include our partnership with Howdens and with CD (UK) Ltd. One of our other main focuses at the show will be on our healthier adhesives which are developed to pose the lowest possible hazards to your health and we will also be showcasing our fire rated, IMO and zero flam adhesives. Interested in finding out more about why not come along to join us at our stand during the four-day event.

W18 is the national show for the Joinery and Furniture manufacturing industries, showcasing the latest products and developments. As the UK’s leading dedicated trade exhibition, W18 provides the opportunity to see running woodwork machinery together with components and materials all under one roof at the NEC, Birmingham.

Darren Hill Business Development Manager at Quin Global said “Quin Global are delighted to announce our attendance at the W18 Joinery & Furniture Manufacturing Show later this year. This bi-annual exhibition has provided an excellent platform for Quin Global UK to build our market leading TensorGrip Joinery range since our first attendance in 2014. With an interactive stand showcasing our fantastic range of products and the chance to take part in our L12 challenge our stand is one not to be missed. We look forward to welcoming you all onto our stand in October.

What We will Be Up to During the Four-Days

During the four-day event we will also be displaying new recently endorsed products with Howdens and CD (UK) Ltd, carrying out live demonstrations and running competitions.

Our partnership with CD (UK) Ltd started on the 21st May with sole rights to Tensorgrip L42 Solid Surface Spray Adhesive.

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Tensorgrip L42 is an adhesive that can be used for bonding Corian® to MDF, for slabbing out big counters and also for ladder framing. The main benefit to this is time as the current method is to use silicone to bond the two materials together. This process can involve a lengthy curing time of up to 8 hours. With Tensorgrip L42, you simply spray both substrates, and within 3 minutes place them together and you have a fixed piece.

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Our partnership with Howdens launched in July with full roll-out to all 664 depots of two new TensorGrip products, L120 & C120. Quin Global worked to develop a superior performing edging adhesive which would not just provide a good bond but a method which ultimately saves up to 60% in installation time aligning with Howdens moto to ‘Make life easy for the builder’.

TensorGrip L120 spray adhesive is available in 500ml aerosols and had been approved for use by Howdens for bonding all laminate worktop edging types.

TensorGrip C120 cleaner is available in 150ml aerosols and has been extensively tested on all décor types for cleaning adhesive overspray and general dirt & grease without damaging the surface.

Joiners, Kitchen fitters & builders can now join the revolution and gain the benefits of bonding worktop edging with TensorGrip by heading to your local Howdens Depot.

Why We Care About Your Health

Part of our values is to care and value others, and as such, we want to promote a healthier adhesive as opposed to products that contain dichloromethane. With the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) now become a profit-making organisation, they are much more proactive in stopping people from using harmful products. Using our products from the outset could save you a lot of time and money when they HSE knock on your door and have a look at what products you are using.

All our healthier adhesives are developed to pose the lowest possible hazards to your health. This means the risk phrases we need to display on the canisters are as low as possible, as is the Volatile Organic Content (VOC) which is especially important for parts of Europe. Non- chlorinated adhesives also void the need of phrases like H351 which states suspected of causing cancer.

As part of our commitment to providing the most highly certified range of spray adhesives on the market, Quin Global have recently secured IMO Marine certification on our TensorGrip L17 product.

What is Tensorgrip?

So what is Tensorgrip? It is a 100% portable, pre- pressurised canister/aerosols spray adhesive system that eliminates the need to use traditional methods of bonding, that are messy, wasteful and time-consuming. Because TensorGrip is a spray adhesive you are completely in control of how much glue is used, resulting in an even spray pattern the way you want it without fuss and inconsistency that comes with using hand-applied adhesive. Not only will TensorGrip speed up your workflow and drastically reduce production time, its guaranteed to transform the way in which materials are bonded together with noticeable superior results.

Meet Us At The Show! 

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us during the show get in touch with our sales team here. We will also be live on social media so If you’re not able to attend why not keep up to date on our twitter and LinkedIn channels.

You can also find out more about our products through our HOW 2 videos on YouTube. For more information in regards our joinery range have a look at our videos here and for more information regarding our foam range have a look here.

If you are interested in our endorsed products have a look here.

We look forward to exhibiting and meeting you all there. Please go to our websites to find out more information on Quin Global UK and TensorGrip®