NESTRO® Lufttechnik GmbH, Germany, is presenting itself on booth Q710 featuring its filter technology and surface engineering solutions. The manufacturer offers self-contained system solutions and considers itself a European market leader for the fields of dust, chip and spray mist extraction in woodworking. The company rises to the growing challenges of energy efficiency and noise reduction with competent, comprehensive consulting services and suitable technology. Considerable energy savings can be realised on the system side by using highly efficient fans, frequency converters for fan control, high efficiency motors (IE3, IE4) and recirculating air instead of exhaust air systems, as well as by using the return air for heating or air conditioning. Noise emissions can also be drastically reduced through optimum product and system design as well as various insulation measures. Meet the UK sales managers at the booth to be informed about the latest developments in the following main areas:

Filter Houses NFHSU
The NESTRO® clean-gas filter house allows large filter areas to fit in the tightest of spaces at a flow rate of up to 40,000 m³/h featuring a daily buffer storage for wood chips and dust up to 26 m³.

Intermediate Filters
In NESTRO® intermediate filters the raw gas is pre-separated in the intake suction section and purified through the filter bags. The purified air can be fed into the work areas again. With its modular design, this intermediate filter can be expanded up to reach an airflow of 200,000m³/h for both positive and negative pressure applications.

The NESTRO® deduster NE series efficiently extracts wood dust and chips or related materials such as plastic, leather, paper or other types of industrial dust. The certified dedusters can be set up in the immediate vicinity of the machine in the production hall. They are developed especially for small and middle size enterprises with a total air requirement of 1,780 up to 8,000 m³/h or for bigger companies as a supplement of an existing central dust extraction system. Since all NE series dedusters work in cleangas operation – the fan comes after the filter – highest energy efficiencies and absolute dust tightness uaranteed. The cleangas technology also reduces the risk of fire due to sparks since metal particles cannot get to the fan impeller. The residual dust content discharged is less than 0.1 mg/m³.

Sanding tables NAST
Sanding tables of the NESTRO® NAST series remove sanding dust during the work process. The pneumatic component-clamping fixture holds the work piece in an optimum position and the high-pressure extraction port extracts dust coming from the handheld machine.

Paint Spray Walls E
Types E paint spray extraction units with dry separation from NESTRO® provide an economical spray booth ventilation / paint spray extraction system. This increases safety by reducing the risk of explosion during operation and it significantly improves working conditions for the employees. In addition, you can achieve a surface of significantly higher quality. The associated external fan (EX) can either be mounted on the spray wall or placed separately on a bracket, for example. Founded in 1977, NESTRO® Lufttechnik GmbH is currently one of the large established manufacturers of products and systems for extraction and filter technology and for their downstream heating technology, for surface engineering and for sorting and disposal technology. About 180 employees develop and produce the equipment according to individual customer specifications at the three production sites in Germany, Poland and Hungary.