After a strong start to 2018, HOMAG UK will be demonstrating its most advanced technology to date at the W Exhibition. Those visiting the HOMAG stands (F610 and F710) at the NEC, Birmingham will have the opportunity to see its latest machine and software demonstrations, as well as exclusive UK machine premieres.

Simon Brooks, managing director for HOMAG UK explains: “So far, 2018 has been an incredible year of innovation and development for HOMAG. At the start of the year, HOMAG revised its corporate identity. As well as an updated company logo, our machinery received a fresh new look along with a simplified name structure".

The rebranding of the machinery names and product structure was an instrumental part of us becoming ‘One HOMAG’. As a brand, we can provide a solution for all woodworking production challenges, whether you are a small workshop or an industrial sized facility. Our range covers all aspects of production. We can assist you at every stage from automated raw material storage systems all the way through the machine shop to finishing, assembly and packaging solutions. Visitors to W18 can expect to find all our latest solutions and innovations, from across the product range, including software and digital services.

Automation for improved efficiencies and cost savings
For high speed material processing, HOMAG will be demonstrating a throughfeed nesting cell live at W18. The CENTATEQ N-500 compact nesting machine is ideal for the high speed nesting of MFC or MDF materials. The extremely versatile and efficient gantry machine offers high precision in cutting out shaped workpieces to maximise material usage.

As part of the high performance cell, HOMAG will combine the CENTATEQ nesting machine with the DRILLTEQ D-500. The D-500 offers horizontal drilling and dowel insertion within one machine for production efficiency. It guarantees the accurate high-speed drilling of holes and the precise positioning of dowels with its insertion aggregate. Combined together, the two make a powerful system for producing kitchen, bedroom and office furniture. In a production environment, this cell can be connected to a board storage system for even greater efficiencies.

Joinery made easy with the CENTATEQ P-310
Another live demonstration at W18 will feature the CENTATEQ P-310 5-axis CNC processing centre. With its rigid construction and powerful 5-axis head programmed by woodWOP, this powerhouse will be demonstrating its impressive joinery production capabilities during the show. This technically advanced processing centre can carry out a wide range of tasks, depending on selected tools, including drilling, routing, sawing and edge banding.


The DRILLTEQ V-200 – A flexible all-rounder
In addition to the DRILLTEQ D-500 in its cell, HOMAG will also be demonstrating the DRILLTEQ V-200 at W18. The ever popular V-200 throughfeed vertical machining centre is an all-rounder which offers drilling, trimming and grooving within a compact footprint. It’s a high performance solution which boasts zero downtime between panels. These versatile machines are ideal for just-in-time production for smaller trade businesses as well as custom production for larger companies. With its rapid processing time, it is an investment which will boost production whilst reducing costs.

HOMAG’s panel dividing solutions – SAWTEQ B-300
HOMAG has extended its SAWTEQ range with a host of innovative technologies for panel dividing. These products have been developed to automate batch size 1 production, increase operator accuracy, reduce production times and maximise machinery performance. Visitors to W18 will be able to see the SAWTEQ B-300 in action with HOMAG’s unique intelliGuide, the interactive LED machine guidance system. Available with combiTec and offcut control, the B-300 maximises board usage to reduce material
wastage. The addition of module45 and automatic grooving allows for a variety of cuts, making the B-300 a flexible and powerful beam saw.

Perfect edges with HOMAG
HOMAG’s edge banding technology has earned a reputation for its excellent efficiencies and reliability within production. With an extensive range that caters for all sizes of facilities, HOMAG will be showcasing five of its models at W18. The EDGETEQ T-200 - an entry level model designed especially for the edge banding of shaped parts. Ideal for smaller quantities, the compact machine boasts an impressive price to performance ratio. By handling shaped components, it can help small to medium sized businesses speed up production by taking away the time consuming task of hand edging parts.

The EDGETEQ S-200 is the ideal entry level all-rounder edge bander. Its standard specification includes pre-milling, corner rounding, scraping, surface finishing and buffing. This essential model ensures that high quality edges are accessible to all.

Brand new to the UK, and being premiered for the first time, HOMAG will present the EDGETEQ S-300 at W18. The high-performance edge bander is the logical step up from entry level. With multi radius trimming, it offers the highest flexibility at the touch of a button.

Making the first step into industrial level edge banding, the EDGETEQ S-390 high performance unit offers precise gluing and the perfect post-processing of edges, even at high feed speeds. Available with a wide range of options, the S-390 also boasts airTec technology for seamless joints.

For automated industrial sized production, HOMAG offers the EDGETEQ S-500. When coupled together with a LOOPTEQ O-600 gantry conveyor, the system is capable of efficiently producing one-off panels at high volumes.

Complete Finishing Solution
As part of HOMAG’s large catalogue of innovative technology, it has developed a range of automated solutions which handle the complete finishing process from start to finish.
The SANDTEQ W-200 is a high performance wide-belt sander which produces a first class surface finish within a compact footprint. The machine efficiently performs calibration and fine sanding of solid wood and wooden materials, as well as veneer and lacquer sanding up to full panel widths of 1350mm.

The W-200 model offers a choice of four heads which can be specified in single and twin head configurations to give seven different machine combinations. All the heads feature a simplified head locking system which enables quick and simple changing of sanding belts. With setup controlled via a 7” colour touchscreen, operation is simple and quick. Once the surface is ready, HOMAG offers an entry level, cost-effective automatic throughfeed spraying machine. The SPRAYTEQ S-100 has been specifically designed with both small and medium sized companies in mind. Equipped with a reciprocating arm and four spray guns, it features a fully automated vacuum conveyor belt to transport workpieces for ultimate flexibility and throughput efficiency.

The SPRAYTEQ S-100 can be used as both a stand-alone spray machine or as part of an extensive finishing line. It provides consistently high quality painting or lacquering for up to 2,400 parts per shift. This not only reduces paint exposure for operators, but also eases workload pressure produced when using a traditional manual paint applicator.

A UK Premiere at W18 - MOULDTEQ M-300
Live at W18, HOMAG will be putting the MOULDTEQ M-300 planer moulder through its paces for the first time in the UK. HOMAG has taken what is considered a very traditional piece of machinery and created a solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with solid mechanical engineering. With intuitive powerTouch operation and a quick-change system for tools, the machine also boasts variable spindle and feed speeds programs for the highest quality finish.

planing moulding machines mouldteq m 300 01

HOMAG to showcase automated guided vehicles
For complete processing automation, visitors to W18 can expect to discover HOMAG’s new automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The AGVs offer the woodworking industry smart solutions for the flexible transport of workpieces between processing machines and cells. They not only speed up repetitive tasks but also free workers for other areas of production. AGVs are the ideal solution for a fully automated facility.

For the first time at the W shows, visitors to the HOMAG stands will be able to discover the latest WEINMANN products. There will be a timber frame construction machinery specialist on hand to discuss requirements and advise on suitable solutions.

Innovative software from HOMAG
As well as the latest machinery, HOMAG will be demonstrating its range of innovative software which powers the technology. At W18, operatives will be demonstrating a range of HOMAG software including woodWOP 7.1 and woodWOP CAM plugin for efficient CNC production. Visitors will also be able to explore woodCAD|CAM 2018 for furnishing presentation and magiCUT optimisation software for panel processing.

In addition to the software, HOMAG will offer the opportunity to explore its powerful machine operating system - powerTouch Groupwide. This efficient system not only simplifies machine set up and use for operators but also links multiple machines for efficiency.

Explore HOMAG’s range of digital solutions for efficient production
With a focus on improving processes and making production, faster, easier and cheaper, HOMAG will be demonstrating its latest digital products. 

To ease the pressures and time constraints of running a busy production facility, HOMAG’s MachineBoard digital solution allows users to monitor production using smart devices. Users are able to quickly check on the current status of machinery, be alerted to malfunctions and even receive instant notifications to smart phones or smart watches.

Whether it’s checking the remaining time of a CNC machine program, viewing impending set up processes or remotely activating the glue unit on an edge bander, the MachineBoard’s capabilities are indisputably true time savers.

To further aid manufacturers in improving efficiencies, HOMAG’s intelliDivide cloud-based software provides real time machinery and production updates. The software displays live data on production times, material usage and machinery status. On top of this, the intelligent performance software uses the collected data to provide the operator with suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of production processes.

HOMAG’s free ServiceBoard app offers a simple, yet effective remote solution to ensure faults can be identified quickly. With the aid of video diagnoses, operators are able to quickly rectify issues, avoiding any unplanned interruptions to production. With simple machine prediction, the ServiceBoard also shows upcoming maintenances within the calendar function.

Don’t miss out – arrange your visit today
The W Exhibition is set to be a spectacular show for HOMAG and our visitors. In addition to the large number of machines displayed on the HOMAG stands, we are exclusively premiering several models to the UK. And of course, we have more software and digital products being demonstrated than ever before".

To assist with any machinery purchases or enquiries, the HOMAG finance team will be on hand to discuss tailored financing solutions. There really is something for everyone at W18 and we look forward to welcoming visitors".

In order to guarantee your time with our sales team, at what is set to be a very busy show, call Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856 424 or email to let us know when you will be visiting us during W18,” concludes Simon.