Elements of Innovation - Finalists

Following a rigorous judging process that saw the final product-line whittled down to 39 groundbreaking designs, the stage was set for two worthy winners that were announced at the UK’s only dedicated furniture components show, Elements and sister exhibition, W16.

On day two of the show the results of the Elements of Innovation Awards were revealed...

Independent awards judge, John Legg adds, “Awards such as The Elements of Innovation are important because they highlight the very best among suppliers in our industry and help visitors to directly access what the judges believe to be the most innovative introductions at the show."

Congratulations to Elements Exhibitor, Casetur Mechanism and it's winning entry: The CM4070 - a space saving furniture mechanism.

Congratulations to W Exhibitor, Felder and it's winning entry: The Silent Power Spiral Knife Cutter Block.

A special mention also to Homag who came highly commended for it's product: The Venture BMG 115.

Well done to all our finalists! 

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W16 Finalists

                                                 lamello divario main 2                                           

Axminster Tools & Machinery

      The Divario P-18 is a completely concealed connector made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. It results in a clean appearance thanks to closed joints and allows greater design freedom without sacrificing stability. The P-System groove for the connector can be cut either manually in a workshop or on site using a Lamello Zeta P-2 machine or with CNC machinery in a factory.

The Divario P-18 is an ingenious self-clamping, sliding connector. It allows for the easy installation of dividers or shelves into a fixed frame or structure, forming a strong joint with no visible connectors or shelf pin supports. No glues, clamps or presses are necessary. There is no other product quite like it.


airpress developments

Airpress Developments Ltd.

Modular silicone heater mats that come in various stock sizes with integral foam insulators for accelerating the curing of glues when veneering and laminating. It is innovative because the silicone mats are set with a temperature limit of 80 °c so they do not require any controls. The silicone foam insulator is vulcanised to the flexible silicone mat.

Used with vacuum bag presses and membrane presses they reduce the pressing time from hours to minutes, therefore replacing expensive heater hoods.


             TechnoPM lg              

  Essetre S.P.A

 Techno PM-Sips is a fully automatic working centre that allows the user to manage the processing in one machine, saving space and time with particular attention to the cleaning of the work-space. 

This machine is highly customizable, compact and according to the configuration is suitable for both high and low production volumes.
The machine can be configured with a 3 or 5 flexible axis electro spindle designed for buildings and more.
One of the features where we paid more attention to is the cleaning of the working place. Since the SIPS panels are usually quite hard to contain when being processed, we have designed a special extraction hood installed on the electro-spindle, a closed cabin with air blowing, a perimetral slipway which allow all the dust and chips to fall in a motorized conveyor.


        Silent power cutter block  


A revolutionary development from Felder that provides all the advantages of a spiral cutter block at considerably lower operating, investment and adjustment costs.The Silent Power spiral knife cutter block reduces the noise emissions when planning by more than a half.

Specially developed tungsten carbide blades with their constant pulling cut, guarantee a tear free planning finish of every wood type. The uniquely shaped blades ensure a much smaller chip size and therefore the extraction bags need to be changed far less frequently. This helps to save the operator time in emptying the extractor and reduced cost for bags.


                                                          Gedore image 2



Bessey Toggle Clamps does the job that would require 4 different toggle clamps. In a production environment, the STC ensures work pieces of different heights can be clamped instantly. It’s not necessary to adjust working height that is required by conventional toggle clamps, plus it is 5 times faster. There are different sizes in the range and are suitable for use on wood and metal.


 LEUCO image 1 1000  


The Leuco Smart Jointer Plus is a Llght-weight diamond pre-milling tool with interchangable tips for use on edgebanding machines. The tool body is re-usable which saves resources, independent replacement of the segments by the customer provides them with a "new" or freshley sharpened tool at any time. In addition, the light-weight aluminium body reduces power consumption and puts less stress on the machine bearings. It also reduces noise levels improving the work place environment.


 max belt  


Abranet Max is a revolutionary abrasive mesh belt designed and developed to prevent clogging, minimise burning and provide a high stock removal rate on all substrates. The abrasive’s net structure is easy to use and creates a durable design which prevents it from clogging which is a major problem for resinous wood types or soft materials.  As a result, less downtime is spent changing belts, and the Abranet Max abrasive lasts longer than traditional paper abrasives saving businesses money. It works under low pressure and offers a cool cut, which minimises the risk of overheating the sanded surface or burning the belt. The product is suitable for multiple applications and versatile enough to be the universal product for a wide variety of materials.


 Leitz Tooling Image 1


Leitz Tooling  

 Leitz Tooling’s ThermoTech Window System enables joinery companies of all sizes to manufacture ‘A’ and ‘A+’ (*) rated thermal storm-proof, flush casement and traditional wood windows. 

From customer feedback and market experience since its original launch in Q4 2012, Leitz Tooling UK continues to develop the system and at the W16 Exhibition is launching the 2.0 version of the ThermoTech Window System – ThermoTech Lite. Leitz ThermoTech Window System is considered by its customers as one of the fastest, easy to use, reassuring and profitable systems on the market, with full support from Leitz. The system supports all variations to suit any type of manufacturer, with any type of specification, with flexibility; ThermoTech Lite is the complete timber window manufacturing solution. As a low cost, dedicated modular system, it is not only as accessible and as future-proof as possible, but includes all the support customers might need, including custom window design and the cost of simulation to BRFC regulations to get the approved energy ratings.


 Image 5 Leitz ProfilCut Q profile tooling system 1000

Leitz Tooling 

The new ProfilCut Q cutterhead system from Leitz Tooling is the ultimate solution for companies that want to make the most of their production. ProfilCut Q Premium sets the benchmark in performance, flexibility, handling, weight and wearability.
Another key feature is the knife clamping system. The positioning repeatability is second to none as is the time it takes to change a knife. The benefits are clear; less down time and excellent workpiece surface finish.
The ProfilCut Q Premium has the quickest peripheral speed in the woodworking industry. ProfilCut Q is therefore now helping manufacturers around the world including the UK to manufacture higher quality products faster. The majority of ProfilCut sales (60%) have been of the Premium version with its enhanced speed and accuracy.


 Image 6 Leitz Diamaster EdgeExpert Router Cutters 1000

 Leitz Tooling

Hard-to-machine decorative panels for furniture production are on the rise, and manufacturers are experiencing greater levels of damage than ever before. True to Leitz’s philosophy of innovation, Leitz has developed high performance tooling to meet the increasing demands of these materials.Whether wafer-thin paper laminates, veneers or sheets of high-gloss coating, Leitz’s EdgeExpert - Leitz’s specialist solution for high-quality zero-joint edge performance on demanding decors - impress with tear-free edges and core material on throughfeed machines and CNC machining centres.

The name EdgeExpert characterises Leitz tools specialised for sizing panel materials with demanding decors. They allow tear-free edge quality, as numerous Leitz customers confirm. This enables EdgeExpert tools to work hand-in-hand with laser, plasma or hot air zero-jointing edge technology.
EdgeExpert tooling from Leitz comprises the Diamaster router cutters for CNC machining centers, the Diamaster WhisperCut jointing cutters for traditional workshop applications and the Diamaster PLUS solid-tipped jointing cutters for industrial production.

                                                                             SCM Xylent image 1 1000  


SCM Group ‘Xylent’ spiral cutterblocks (a play on ‘Xylon =Wood and ‘silent’ have been designed to suit SCM and Minimax 3 phase surfacers, thicknessers and the 4 in 1 combination machines so feed rates, number of teeth, cutter diameter are perfectly in sync – giving a silky smooth finish, unprecedented low noise emissions and smallest woodchips. 

Competitively priced to supply silky smooth finish, minimal noise emission and easily extractable

 SCM glue pot image 2 1000


SCM Group’s ‘Smart Glue Pot’ or SGP was designed to provide ultimate flexibility in glue pot technology. The system allows automatic emptying cycles and glue dosage control along with a unique patented sealing system to stop leakage of glue when the roller is stopped. All of these features allow optimisation of cycle times with reduced costs for the customer.

SCM Group’s ‘Smart Glue Pot’ or SGP is an innovation in the woodworking industry allowing our customers to increase productivity and quality whilst reducing their overall costs.

 planet p800 img 4075 macchina uff


The Morbidelli Planet P800 Routing, Edgebanding and Drilling CNC Machine with dedicated software creates a ‘mini factory’ for Furniture on Demand’, where the customer can use a simple interface to ‘draw’ the piece of furniture they would like to buy – customising its shape, size, colour, etc. which is then immediately produced on the spot and delivered.

Design, production and delivery, all in one step: fully automated production, but at the same time an expression of something unique and extreme customisation, which puts the customer at the heart of the process, so he/she becomes his own furniture designer. 

The Morbidelli Planet P800 is at the heart of the ‘Close to Customer’ project financed by the European Community. The project is the result of more than three years of research involving not just SCM group, but another 10 European partners, including companies that are leaders in their sectors and universities. The ‘Close to Customer’ project was conceived with the aim of supporting the furniture industry, providing real tools for responding to changes in the world market, by developing innovative methods and technologies for flexible and local production of sustainable and customised products, which are increasingly close to the customer in terms of the features offered, the production location, delivery times and price

 Top s 1000


PROXIMA is a line CNC machine to drill, mill and insert dowels and fittings and it can work in vertical on the six sides of the panel. PROXIMA can be customised and equipped according to the specific production requirements. It can be equipped with tool change and inserting groups.

Thanks to the opposite head you can work on the six sides of the panel in vertical

 Top s 1000


FLEXA is a line CNC machine to drill, mill and insert dowels and fittings in all the elements of the turn type. The machine can be equipped with an opposite head to work on the six sides of the panel and to optimise and reduce the production times. FLEXA can be equipped with tool change and inserting units.

 kinetic dust extractor


Scott and Sergeant

Kenetic Dust Extractor. 

- No wasted time during work process - Replaces the standard clamping nut
- Suitable for any collet chucks with standard router bits
- Available for ER32 - ER40 - ECO25 (DIN6388) collets
- The thick ceramic coat gives to KDE an anti-corrosion, anti-friction and anti-static surface.
- Tool body in light alloy - Better air quality
- Light and noiseless - Good performances even at low rpm: from 6,000 up to 20,000 rpm
- Material: chipboard, coated chipboard, MDF, Corian?, Plasterboard, OSB, HP

 NEW Gyro Air Dust Collector Dust Extractor

Scott and Sergeant 

The Gyro Air Technology makes flowing dust stream spins at high speed (over 4,000rpm), which generates a very strong centrifugal force on dust particles (over 70g). The particles are pushed away from air flow center by the centrifugal force and then dropped into dust tanks. The clean air remains in the flow and go forward to the final air filters. The process can successfully separate 99.7% dust particles by from air, which greatly reduce the pressure of the filters.

 Biesse Stream A edgebander



The RBO W4 Panel Return System automatically manages panels waiting to be edgebanded, it comprises of a U shaped air floatation table at the infeed, an NC controlled pick and place rotating manipulating arm,  a motorised return conveying mat and dual level air floatation table completing the loop. Panels can be fed into the edgebander in a random manner, where upon exit of the edgebander the manipulating arm will lift and transport the panel, orientating within this movement. Offering the panel to the motorised return conveying mat in the desired position required for the next edge to be applied.  Once the product has completed its final pass, it is then automatically stacked by the NC controlled pick and place rotating manipulating arm.

 rover b edge 600



The Rover B K3 Winstore Cell; comprises of a Biesse Rover B nesting cell and a fully integrated RBO K3 Winstore. Allowing for continuous loading of material for low batch processing with minimal interruption of the working cycle. Allowing the performance of routing and drilling operations on the chosen material to be made with a fully optimised cycle, from loading of the material to the unloading of finished pieces.

Because both the Rover B and the Winstore share the same control system, they are fully integrated. Giving the benefit of a dramatic value/price ratio compared to other systems. Allowing the uptake of this technology to be within the grasp of much smaller enterprises.




The Venture BMG 115 is a newly developed CNC processing centre with 5-axis ‘freestyle technology.’ It is one of nine configurations in the BMG 110 series.
Each of the Venture models, the Venture 113, 114 and 115, shares the same small but heavy machine frame made of a welded steel construction with a solid carriage design to ensure precise processing. The 110 Series offers 3, 4 and 5-axis solutions in a compact design which provides real operational convenience with state-of-the-art technology and a reduced footprint (up to 15 % smaller).
These are the cornerstones of the new machine concept which enable entry into the world of sophisticated horizontal CNC processing. This advanced CNC processing centre covers all conventional areas of woodworking – from simple panel processing to complex freeform processing


Elements Finalists


Carpimoderna Image 1 1000


  The collection includes original pieces of bathroom furniture and accessories from its most noble and pure from their natural habitat, whose harmony of shapes and the spontaneity of materials combine the well-being of body and mind as a contemplative space. The solid wood is excavated as a whole until you reach the intended design,that lets you waterproof characteristics.     


                 Casetur mechanism  


Casetur mechanism

CM4070 is a space saving furniture mechanism. It is engineered for horizontal applications at work desks and in kitchens mainly. A work desk transforms neatly into a compact shelf using a smooth 2-step rotation. The mechanism’s unique movement enables the work desk to rotate even when placed in a corner; a rotation which normally would be obstructed by the adjacent walls.

CM4070 addresses one of the biggest problems in contemporary living: scarcity of space due to increasing housing prices and a growing urbanisation. CM4070 is a space saving mechanism and enables people to have furniture function on a limited space so that they do not have to cut down on living quality


        Hollodeen Image 2 1000

Coastal Group

The Hollodeen threshold is a highly innovative, unbreakable and weather-proof Bi-fold and standard door threshold enabling the trade to say goodbye to the problems of rotting timber cills.

Manufactured from a high quality resin that is designed to look just like stone, the new HollodeenTM thresholds provide a lifetime of durability, removing the need to buy, machine or finish timber. Also removes the need for a bottom track on Bi-Folds. Lightweight, unbreakable and manufactured from 90% recycled material, the HollodeenTM thresholds can be quickly and easily fitted by a single person, providing significantly increased lifespan and more efficient operation of door sets.


           TRICOAT Image 2 RAIL 1000


  Coastal Group

TRICOAT is a revolutionary, high performance surface coating, providing outstanding performance and ultimate corrosion resistance for use in areas with high salt air content and/or affected by invasive chemicals. The specially constructed surface is extremely resistant to corrosion and scratching and repels water and dirt.
The three layered manufacturing process sees the steel base covered with a Zinc Layer, Conversion Layer (Thick Layer Passivation) and a sealing layer which includes Nano-structured Silicon compounds for improved anti-corrosive performance.

The product is ideally suited to a range of applications where the environment traditionally shortens the lifespan of hardware

 Finesse Design Image 1 1000


 DJH Group Ltd.

 Unlike hand forged products before, DJH Group are using the latest 3D printers to achieve their designs which are then being made in a unique way in the forge using specialist tooling giving a more contemporary look unlike the age old blacksmiths versions that are currently on the market.

Unique in the door hardware industry, this means barn conversions etc can now achieve a contemporary design but still being forged and not mass produced. You will not find these designs in the mainstream sheds.


 Dolken Image 1 1000


Doellken-Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH

The  new  3D-Space-Wave  range  not  only  looks  fantastic  and  stylish;  these edge bands are real eye-catchers and will considerably enhance the appearance of any piece of furniture. In addition, they have a number of special features. The wave patterning integrated in the band surface creates a remarkable impression of depth. The patterning is actually embedded in each band while these also have a high gloss surface finish. This means that they cannot only be used to reinforce the appearance of more space but they also additionally have easy-to-clean surfaces.

Moreover, applying our 3D-Space-Wave bands is child's play as both front and back surfaces are smooth so that milling, particularly when it comes to fitting and corner pieces, is unproblematic. Our 3D-Space-Wave edge bands  can  be  supplied  from  stock  in  four  fashionable colours (stainless steel, titanium, old bronze and  aluminium) in the dimensions 23 x 1.3  mm  (ideal  for  fronts)  and  43  x  1.5  mm  (ideal  for  worktops).  So  you  can  start using  this  new  product  now  to  prepare  unique  items  of  furnishing

 Mundy Veneer Graffiti Rings Image 4 1000

Mundy Veneer Ltd.

Inspired by some of the great designers of the past, this is a beautiful collection of veneer sheets in 14 designs with FSC® certified non-woven tissue fleece backing. Sustainable wood species have been carefully selected & dyed; combining the latest technology in laser cutting with the skill of assembling the different pieces of wood to further enhance the natural beauty of each species used.

With themes including light and the galaxy, the Graffiti collection provides a stunning choice of wood that works especially well as wall art. Being able to order just one sheet of the standard colours means the Graffiti Collection can be used for smaller projects, as well as larger ones, however the patterns are particularly exquisite when used on larger surface areas as the arrangement can be appreciated more completely.

Ostermann Image 1 1000


Ostermann UK Ltd.

Exclusive design boards for top quality surface designs. The attractive finish, the special look and feel of furnishing elements makes the more than 350 decors so desirable. Rising above the mundane creates a certain kind of exclusivity and triggers the decision to buy in the relevant target group. Specially conceived for tasteful interior design and exclusive shop and trade show applications. These boards will captivate with their highly unusual design and superlative quality, transforming the ordinary into something very special.

Tradesman find SIBU design boards simple to work with and highly versatile: whether as wall panelling, sliding door panels or for home furniture, recessed back-panels or for the walls of trade fair stands. They can be worked using a box cutter or with standard wood-working tools (drills, punches, mills, saws). Ostermann recommends gluing the boards to achieve a perfect overall surface feel but Sibu Design Boards are optionally available with a self-adhesive reverse side. Additionally, they are available with a magnetic rear side making changing designs very simple. Brand new decors include Wood and cement.

 QWood Technology Release 1000 


Q Wood

Parting and staff beads are used in the manufacturer of sliding sash windows. The beads secure the sliding sash in to place while also providing draft proofing.  In order to maintain a sash window from time to time you will have to remove the beads. Currently this process can damage a window, with the new Qwood beads this will not happen.

Qwood are proud to support sliding sash window conservation and to provide enhanced manufacturing solutions to the timber window industry. Their sliding sash conservation range creates a unique blend of technology and tradition. The parting and staff beads within this range offer the following benefits:

- Speed of fitting: reduce fitting times, by reducing number of processes required.
- Easy to install: cut your groove, fit the clip channel, and click your beads in place
- Improved Maintenance: Remove your sashes for maintenance without damage to your window and beading
- No need to pin or nail: No unsightly troublesome pin holes to fill
- Improved Security: Secure one-way removal of beading
- Draft proofing: Qwood staff and parting beads with integral draught proofing seal channel

 OVVO 500


The OVVO-V-Wedge is an intelligent and robust push or slide to fit solution for joining material together without the use of traditional aids, glues or screws. The OVVO-V-Wedge connector is available in both permanent or releasable. It is a totally invisible connection solution with an internal self-clamping design that forms a solid bond between two pieces of material. The housing is inserted into the material which will form a wedge to allow for controlled tolerance within the connection system. The OVVO-V-Wedge will work in a wide variety of materials and angles.

 Swiss Krono


Swiss Krono Group

One World Collection by SWISS Krono Group France, is the latest and most dynamic collection to launched in the UK. One World Collection, 68 decors available across all SWISS Krono manufacturing sites and 38 UK exclusive decors including our unique Synchro structures.
One World has taken inspiration from trends across the globe and from the 90 countries they trade with to help create beautiful environments and personalised work spaces for all.

To coincide with the launch Swiss Krono have published a mode board brochure to enhance design ideas and colour coordination and The Big Book catalogue with full range of all decors available from their French factory.
Available through our 2 key distributors or direct from the factory all customers are very welcome to come and discuss One World and how we can help design and deliver their One World Collection.


Symphony Coatings image 1 1000

Symphony Coatings Group

Symphony Coatings have nominated the revolutionary FF range from AkzoNobel as it is unique in the market place in being Formaldehyde free, removing the largest danger associated with traditional acid curing coatings.

The central concept of this prime directive is ‘protection of workers against risks to their health and safety, including the prevention of such risks, arising or likely to arise from exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work’.

AkzoNobel’s FF range greatly reduces the risk to human health by removing the formaldehyde carcinogen whilst still providing a system with the same high-quality attributes as traditional Acid-curing and PU Alkyd coatings required in the industry. These include excellent adhesion to wooden substrates, fast drying and stacking properties as well as allowing for pigmented products.
Thanks to this range we are able to provide our customers with an excellent alternative to traditional acid curing products which is safer for spray shop workers and end customers.



Teknos UK Ltd.

The TEKNOSTAIN range is the latest innovation for the market. Comprising 16 water based stains, the VOC levels are significantly lower than traditional solvent stains which typically contain around 75% white spirit. Water based stains are also significantly better for our air quality.
Not only is TEKNOSTAIN 1996 much better for the environment, but it also speeds up the manufacturing process for joiners due to its quick drying time. Touch dry in less than 10 minutes, the joinery can then be top coated with a clear lacquer (TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1332) in less than one hour.
Like all their industrial coatings, TEKNOSTAIN 1996 is suitable for a variety of application methods including spray, dip tank, flow coat and traditional ragging.

 TENTE image 3


LINEA design caps, design your own castors! Varying in size and fits directly onto our LINEA castor range. Available with any chosen design supplied by the customer, including logos and patterns. You can now adapt your castors to your products and environment by customising their appearance. Create colourful castor designs using your own designs and icons. Whether in a hotel, supermarket, or hospital, you can customise the design for each department. This enables equipment to stay in its rightful place. For the home, it adds a colourful edge to furniture and allows the castor to fit with the details of the application.

UV group Image 3



3D veneer is purely about aesthetics to excite architects and designers with a brand-new product made of natural wood veneers.
Did you see the fantastic digital images at the Rio Olympics creating 3-D blocks to make it look like the dancers were climbing and leaping when actually they were performing on a flat surface?
The UV group 3D Wood Veneer range also creates an optical illusion giving depth to a flat surface and an opportunity for innovative design.

 Warwick Edging 2 1000

Warwick Edging

3D Acrylic edging that is a step out from traditional acrylic edging, allowing the edging to add its own unique design feature to the finished product.

A daring and bold ‘Dare to be Different’ thought and vision to edging a standard board putting these design edgings on gives a whole different dynamic to the board and the product. The dimensions of the product are flexible to meet the customer’s requirements. Should for example, a wider width be required to create a chunkier worktop/desk top effect. This product is a great way for designers to steer away from the norm of a uniform edge and give a whole new dynamic to the MFC on MDF panels to give their customers unique, stand out furniture for their home, office, shop, restaurant or even hotels. The opportunities for where this can end up are endless, with it being a very economical way of adding value and standing out.


 Wood finished image 1

Woodfinishes Ltd.

 ICA Acrylic coatings are the ideal solutions for all coloured veneers, as the provide the optimum level of light stability and achieve UNEN15187 (Determination of Light Fastness).
 ICA Solutions also offer great benefits in terms of excellent aesthetic and application performance. The acrylic range includes super tough nanotech coatings that achieve a scratch resistance of 5H (Pencil harness test) and 5* (BS6250 for chemical resistance.

Kremlin Rexon image 1 NANOGUN MX VUE 2 1000

Kremlin Rekson

The NANOGUN-MX has lower overspray characteristics than traditional electrostatic paint spray systems due to combining this established technology with the kremlin Rexon AirmixÒ Spray system. Kremlin Rexson and the Sames have developed the only electrostatic gun to spray with high current and high voltage, guaranteeing optimal paint exchange and material efficient paint transfer to the part. 

The Nano Gun-MX has lower overspray characteristics than traditional electrostatic paint spray systems due to combining this established technology with the Kremlin Rexson AirmixÒ spraying technology benefits (low overspray, reduced air consumption, high transfer efficiency). 











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