Elements is a brand new event taking place alongside W18 from 30 September - 3 October.

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See the latest trends and innovations at the only components show in the UK.

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Elements will feature a wide range of finishing products for the KBB, furniture production & interior design markets.

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Welcome to Elements


W16 and Elements Show is now over. Thank you to everyone involved and those who attended. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Elements is a brand new show that launched in 2016, taking place alongside the W Exhibition from 2-5 October 2016.

Elements is the only components show in the UK and will feature a wide range of finishing products for the KBB, furniture production and interior design markets. Stands will include the very latest wirework and storage solutions, surface trends, materials and technologies designed by influential manufacturers from the UK, Europe and further afield. If you would like to enquire about a stand at Elements, contact Lisa.Campagnola@montex.co.uk

Here's what people have said about us...

"Last day of the W16, Elements Expo - We've had a brilliant time. Well done to the Organisers" @DavidClouting

"Really busy day at the #W16 show, great to see so many customers and prospects at Elements and W Exhibition" @SymphonyCoating

"Lots of inspiration & ideas for our retail store planning projects @Elements_Expo today" @TRCvm

"We have been so impressed with Elements and W Exhibition what a great day so far #W16" @Tapeswitch

Elements is a must-attend event for all those in the sector including Shopfitters, Furniture Designers, Kitchen & Bathroom Designers, Furniture Manufacturers, Restoration Consultants, Component Distributors, Architects, Buyers and Purchasers from the industry.

Find out more about visiting Elements here.

Find out more about exhibiting at Elements here.

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